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Pleasure Train is a 5-piece rock band hailing from the Washington DC area. Comprised of Valerie Vega (vocals), Rich Fiegel (guitar), Mike Paquette (keys/synth), Will Berger (bass/vocals), and Andrew Gabor (drums/percussion), the band’s influences include psychedelic rock, house/electronica, soul, R&B, jazz, and pop. Pleasure Train has made a name for itself as a behemoth of a live band, combining the indomitable vocal presence of Vega with swirling psychedelic soundscapes that surge into urgent passages of frenetic funk and synth-driven dance pop. The band has contributed memorable sets to music festivals including Yonderville Music & Arts Festival, Not Fade Away Festival, Clarendon Day, and Celebrate Fairfax Festival, and has shared stages with nationally renowned artists including Aqueous, Hayley Jane & The Primates, Midnight North, and Zach Deputy.

The band’s 2017 EP “Volume II” is available on Spotify all online streaming services, as well as physically in CD form at all live performances. The band has released three new online singles in early 2019--recorded at Ivakota studios in Washington DC in Autumn 2018, the singles showcase the evolution of the band into a more mature, focused style of songwriting. The band is currently at work writing and recording material for a new full-length album.



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“Pleasure Train has a cool, laid back sound that mixes classic rock and jazz with a lead singer whose voice cuts through ... full of raw emotion and being real. They make the music sound so effortless yet you can hear how complex it all is.”


-Mike Jones, DC101

DC’s #1 Rock Station





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